TRANSFORM Your Business

We help entrepreneurs break through their glass ceiling.

Breakthrough Equity Partners brings a dedicated virtual C-suite, working capital and a wide network to devoted business owners missing the key resources to stimulate growth in their company.

Our Process

  • We review key business metrics to determine if opportunities to break through exist in your company and within the market.

  • Using BEPs 'secret sauce', we gather employee and company insights to discover and align strategic gaps.

  • A short-to-medium term action plan is fleshed out and reviewed until stakeholders are in full alignment on the highest priorities.

  • The partners work their magic through world-class leadership, a virtual C-suite, 40 years of combined experience, networking and working capital.

Who we want to work with?

SMB owners willing to take the S to the M

Breakthrough Equity Partners enables fundamental changes in entrepreneurs that are struggling to take their business to the next level. We transform lives of established business owners by generating sustainable growth through our unique approach. This is not angel investing, nor is it venture capital. The ideal candidate is an SMB owner-operator wishing to remain in their role, but lacking the resources, savvy, network and capital for a break through. BEP also looks for entrepreneurs that understand the tremendous value in working with a strategic team. Think you fit this description? Ready for a change? Please inquire through our contact form below.

Your Transformation Partners

The Breakthrough Equity Partners are Pascal, David and Marc-André.

We bring over 40 years of combined business experience in a wide variety of skills such as leadership, growth, strategic planning, finances, team-building, operations, marketing, automations, training, coaching, exit strategies and more.

  • Pascal St-Jean

    Leadership and Strategy

  • Pascal St-Jean has earned the respected reputation as a passionate leader, visionary and advisor, whose ultimate goal is to transform lives and communities through the businesses & leaders that he supports. He has remarkable business achievements – creating and scaling multiple business ventures, all before the age of forty. Pascal has also been a strategic advisor to many other startup businesses in the Ottawa region. He has been actively involved with entrepreneur-based organizations. Since becoming a TEC Canada coach, Pascal has helped his 30+ clients achieve explosive yet sustainable growth which has led to him receiving 3 out of the 4-lifetime awards given by TEC Canada. Rookie of the year, Innovation Award & Coach Excellence. Pascal brings his experience as Founder, CEO, Investor, and Coach to the BEP team as they help transform businesses and the lives of those who work there.

  • David French

    Sales and Operations

  • David’s experience spans many areas of business. He has held senior roles in both sales and operations at various national companies. During these roles he created, developed and deployed various growth and improvement initiatives that have resulted in industry leading growth. David has always been a driving force behind dramatic improvements in team performance. From the boardroom to fireside chats, David has a proven ability to communicate and engage with all types of stakeholders to drive results. With both hard and soft skills, David makes an impact to all that he touches. David is passionate about helping business owners and leaders solve their professional growth puzzles. He energetically brings this passion to the BEP team and its partners.

  • Marc-André Séguin

    Marketing and Analytics

  • Webmaster, mastermind and founder on, the leading website in its field, Marc-Andre Seguin draws from his experience as a professional musician, instructor and entrepreneur to help thousands of people succeed in music and business. Whether working in his own ventures or helping other businesses thrive, Marc uses a set of sought-after abilities to extract, document and implement automated processes. With rigorous analytical, online marketing and strategic skills, he's leaving no stone unturned. Marc-Andre brings his personality, heart and passion to Breakthrough Equity Partners, aiming to touch and transform the lives of devoted company owners.

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